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The IMVC facilitates quality structured work placements to assist young people enrolled in vocational learning programs:

I would like to search for a suitable work placement aligned to my VET course
I have arranged my own work placement and would like credit towards my VETIS course
I would like to search for a Work Experience placement at MYER Melbourne
PRIVACY INFORMATION: The information provided is for the administration of Structured Workplace Learning or Work Experience Arrangements only and is forwarded to schools and /or potential employers. It is not used for any other purpose. Parental/Guardian permission will be obtained, for students under the age of 18, on the 'Structured Workplace Learning Arrangement Form' or 'Work Experience Arrangement Form' prior to the commencement date. Health information may be provided if you have a medical condition or require medication that may be relevant for your placement. This information is kept confidential.
I understand and agree to the IMVC forwarding my details to my school and/or prospective Employer.

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