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How to avoid a NOT SECURE / PRIVATE message

26 July 2018

There is a pending change Google are making to their "Chrome browser" which will FORCE every website to be secure (otherwise it will advise users that the site is unsecure). 

Whilst our own online tools have always been handled securely, our home page was not particular about being secure.

In order to simplify our solutions, we have altered our SSL certificates to refer to "https://www.cdsonline.com.au". Prior to 26th July 2018, our SSL certificate was aligned to "https://secure.cdsonline.com.au".

For many of you who visit our site regularly, our home page may be "cached"  in your browsers (meaning that an old copy of our home page may be pre-stored), and your broswer may need to be told to grab a fresh copy of our home page in order to obtain the newer links to our products.

This should be as simple as....

   1. Go to our home page.

   2. hold down the [SHIFT] and [F5] keys simultaneously

the screen should refresh, and the problem magically disappears.

If you have further issues, feel free to contact us... 

03 9574 7500 


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