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Lead the Way (LTW)

As it's name implies, LTW captures all prospecting activity and helps Lead the Way to a sale, recording and tracking the performance of your sales force and product implicitly.

LTW achieves this by tracking:-

  • all sales based emails are automatically captured, and placed in a queue.
  • every dealer visit is tracked
    • appointments made between your sales team and your prospects
    • reception / showroom control identifies walk-ins as they occur
    • follow up visits (either impromptu or arranged)
  • Phone Activity with the receptionist identifying and allocating phone calls for your sales team

With all prospect contact effectively captured, LTW empowers the sales force and management team with a comprehensive account of every sale attempt.

And because of it's outlook-style look and feel, your sales force and management find LTW intuitively simple to use.

 There's 100% visibility across :-

  • events (contacts),
  • leads,
  • prospects,
  • stock (and new model information),
  • salesmen,
  • departments,
  • dealerships and
  • dealergroups 

Furthermore the reporting in LTW analyses the performance of the sales force and product via integrated and linked grids and charts with the potential ability to integrate prospecting activity and targets on a "Daily Operational Control" (via ITKonline).

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