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CDS has been working with Automotive dealers since the 90's simplifying the process of Online Classified Advertising.

This service has now been extended to the Boat and RV markets as the Emprise (Adventures) Group embark in a new chapter with their brand new websites launched in early 2019.

The key role CDS play in partnership with Emprise is in the marriage of data from many sources into a central repository that is normalised and streamlined for Advertising.

turning data into information

Private advertiser and Dealership (DMS) data is collected from many sources ready for user scrutiny and preparation for advertisment.

The BTW interface provides a succinct account of dealership entire inventory, enabling dealers with the following capabilities.

  • Enter a Boat or RV from scratch
  • Add details to information captured by the Dealer's DMS
  • Match your stock to specific Makes and Models to help improve the search capability of your advertisements
  • Utilise the WYSIWYG editor to provide a quality description for the advertised item
  • Supplement the basic advertisement with Boat or RV specific fields
  • Maintain images associated with dealership stock
  • Associate stock-specific video content (Brightcove/Youttube) to the Advertisement
  • Identify "premium" or "featured" ads, temporarily flag individual items to list or unlist dependant on stock availability.
  • Review the overall Summary of your Advertising list
    • how many stock items flagged to Publish?
    • a running count of how many ads are Premium (to compare against what you have agreed to pay for)
    • a split of your different stock types (eg/ New, used & demo)
    • a count of each type of ad you have in place (eg/ Caravans vs Camper trailers etc).

data synchronisation

All of the changes that are made to dealers advertisement information are immediately available to the intended advertising destinations via the CDS API (Aplication Program Interface), so there's nothing for the dealer to do other than to review and maintain their stock listings regularly.

already a member?

All existing Emprise (Adventures) group dealership clients have automatically been registered with usernames and passwords. Please email us at btwsupport@cdsonline.com.au or call us on the phonme number listed below if you require your access details. Please ensure you identify the business that you represent to aid us identifying your business.

Otherwise click here to return to our home page and click on the "login" button below the "Boat and RV dealers" tag towards the right hand side of our login toolbar.

Any Boat or Recreational Vehicle dealers who are interested in their stock being advertised on the Emprise Group Boat www.tradeboats.com.au or Recreational www.tradervs.com.au websites should its enquiries via partnerships@adventuresgroup.com.au or visit the www.adventuresgroup.com.au website.

At the time of writing, the Recreational Vehicles www.tradervs.com.au website is the first to be deployed with the Boat www.tradeboats.com.au to follow soon thereafter.

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